Whether you are about to go there, you are right there (employed) or you have resigned from there! There are abnormal realities I'm going to share with you in this blog. They will inject some new lessons to you. Some of us have experienced worse things at workplaces.

  • Firstly, at work there is a tribalism in action, racism in action, nepotism in action and other malicious actions. If you are about to go there you must prepare yourself or if you are already employed you must be aware. Nobody will tell you about these things but they are existing in everyday lives of workplaces for a human being. And when they perform these, there will be always no proof but only you as a victim will observe and feel the pain, so you gotta be stronger. Of I think you get me very clearly when I say there is no proof, for example how can you justify a body language or action language from somebody? Never, but even it's like that it does not mean you did not feel the pain when they abused you. So you need to be more wiser at workplace.

  • Secondly, there is an abuse in section of finance and your time, the list goes on and on! So you need to setup your work period, In order to quit one day and perform your own business.
  • Lastly, In the very near future, I'm going publish testimonial incidents that are abnormal as this blog says on heading. For every moments of half a month down to a week (Frequent updates will be adhered).